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5 Things to Know About a Workers Comp Attorney

Experiencing an injury can be a scary, life-changing time. It can be even more frightening when it happens at work or impacts your ability to do your job. The purpose of workers’ comp is to help you when you get injured on the job. However, navigating a workers’ compensation situation can be

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10 Common On-the-Job Work Injuries

In 2019, nearly 900,000 people were injured on the job in some way. Work injuries are injuries, illnesses, or accidents that happen when working or related to your work. They can cost people and companies pockets of money. But you should know what the most common work injuries are so you can avoid them

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Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers get hurt more often than you think. In 2019, a worker died from a work-related injury every 99 minutes. Millions of more suffered from non-fatal yet debilitating injuries. Workers’ compensation provides benefits for employees at their lowest moments and can furnish life-saving medical care. But not all workers receive benefits

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The Top 9 Most Common On-the-Job Work Injuries

Over 5,000 workers died in a single year in 2019, OSHA reports. That’s a shocking 15 deaths every day! According to OSHA, the top three workplace violations leading to work-related injuries or death include a general lack of communication around hazards and, specific to the construction industry, failure to install fall

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Common on the Job Injuries

So, you suffered an on the job injury or believe your medical condition is related to your work duties. Work injuries do occur and are more common than you might think. Many workers will suffer some form of a work-related injury during their working lives. You may drive a vehicle

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Worker’s Comp for Eye Injuries: A Comprehensive Guide

Workplace injuries are quite common and a large portion of those incidents are eye injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 2,000 workers in the United States sustain a work-related eye injury each day. When these types of situations occur, the injured party usually requires extensive medical treatment. Therefore, worker’s