Workmans Compensation Lawyers in Augusta GA

Our comprehensive services are the best choice for a workers’ compensation lawyer in Augusta, Georgia.  To take advantage of our experience and expertise, the first step is to call so we can assist you in filing a claim.  We can also assist with existing workers’ compensation claims, even if it has been denied.  It is critical you and your family receive all the financial benefits available, as well as medical benefits.  We also represent families of workers involved in workplace tragedies that result in a loss of life.

The type of benefits received depends on the severity of your injury.  Workers with permanent injuries or disabilities, such as a head or brain injury, are often eligible for a higher level of benefit than workers with temporary injuries or disabilities.

Carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries are extremely common work injuries.  Repetitive use also leads to knee, ankle, and leg injuries, and can be a cause of neck and back injuries.  A traumatic accident or failed surgery can result in chronic pain/complex regional pain syndrome, which may prevent you from working.  Benefits available can range from weekly payments and compensation for future lost wages, to reimburse for medical care, and even benefits for family members of those who passed away due to work.

Stephen H. Brown represents injured workers from all occupations, including construction, manufacturing, nursing, City or County Government, meat packing, and office work.  If you have been injured at work, please call our office.  We will ensure your needs are met and your rights are well represented.  Remember, your employer and their insurance company have representation.  So should you.

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