How to Prevent Common Work Injuries in the Workplace

In 2021, private industry employers across the United States reported 2.6 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. There are many hazards that can cause injuries and illness in any industry. Luckily, there are also simple ways that you can protect yourself while you work.

Do you want to learn more about how you can prevent the most common work injuries?

Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about how your employers can help you prevent a work injury and how a work injury attorney can help if you are injured on the job.

Conduct Risk Assessments

One of the most important things employers can do to prevent work injuries is to regularly conduct risk assessments. This makes it possible to identify potential hazards in the workplace and to find ways to prevent injuries and sickness.

Different workplaces have different risks. These risks can also change over time when your employees experience changes. For example, a pregnant employee may be at a higher risk for injury than a non-pregnant employee.

Conducting risk assessments will make it easier to mitigate these risks before they cause workplace injuries.

Offer Safety and Wellness Training

Not only do you need to teach your employees about the common risks in your workplace, but you need to give them health and safety training. This is something that you can do regularly to discuss and encourage safety in the workplace. Make sure this health and safety training is required.

This way, your employees will know more about the common hazards in their line of work. They will also learn how to avoid these types of accidents and how to deal with them if they occur.

Screen New Employees

One reason why there are so many workplace injuries is that new employees don’t have the experience or abilities necessary to safely perform their duties. Because of this, employers must properly screen new hires before offering them the job.

For example, if you work in a physically-demanding environment, your employers should do a physical evaluation. This way, new employees will be equipped to handle the strenuous work and will be less likely to develop injuries from this repetitive physical activity.

Have Enough Workers

Something else that can cause injuries in the workplace is not having enough workers. If employees have too much on their plates, it becomes easy for them to take dangerous shortcuts or to become overworked.

This is especially common for businesses during the holidays, as it can be difficult to find staff.

If you don’t have enough employees, your workers will be more likely to get injured on the job or will be more likely to burn out and quit. Make sure you have enough workers to adequately fulfill workplace responsibilities.

Improve Workplace Communication

Improving workplace communication is essential if you want to prevent accidents on the job. Learning how to communicate effectively with your employers and coworkers can help you prevent many common occupational injuries and sicknesses.

For example, talking to your employer about small-scale injuries can allow you to get the treatment you need before the injury gets worse. Whether you are experiencing minor back pain or wrist pain, your employer can get you the treatment you need to prevent serious injuries in the future.

Keep Workplaces Clean

Having a dirty or disorganized workplace is another common cause of workplace injury. Whether there are things in the walkways that employee’s trip over or they slip on a spilled substance, these injuries can be prevented by keeping your workspaces and walkways clear.

First, you should always make sure equipment is stored properly. Not only will this prevent people from getting injured while navigating the workspace, but it will also make it easy to find when you need it!

Similarly, cables and power cords should always be stored properly. If your cords go across a walkway, make sure they are taped down to the floor. This will prevent people from tripping over them.

You should also limit eating to specific areas of your workplace. This will prevent people from spilling food and drinks that could be slipping hazards. As an employer, you should require that all your employees keep their individual spaces clean and organized.

Not only does your workplace need to be clean and organized, but it also needs to have other safety measures. For example, proper signage needs to be posted to remind employees of safety procedures to follow.

Similarly, your work environment should provide adequate lighting. This is important for offices, parking lots, warehouses, entrances and exits, and more.

Use Protective Equipment

Finally, using the right personal protective equipment can protect you at work. Protective equipment can range from eye protection to safety harnesses and more.

Your employers must also require employees to dress appropriately for their work. This is especially important for industries where there are certain types of hazards.

For example, if you work on a construction site, you need to wear protective footwear. Things like open-toed shoes or even regular shoes will not protect your feet from things like nails and other types of construction debris.

Instead, workers should always wear steel-toe boots.

Dealing With Work Injuries? Find Work Injury Lawyers Today

Many work injuries can be prevented with proper safety precautions. Talking to your employer about each of these preventative measures can keep you safer while you are at work!

Still, if you are injured on the job, you may need the help of a work injury lawyer at Hollington Brown LLP. We can help you file a workers’ compensation claim or pursue an existing claim to get you and your family all the financial and medical benefits you deserve.

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