The Workers’ Compensation Act is a complex series of laws and rules. The insurance companies have attorneys on staff to help the employers and claims adjusters deal with the intricacies of the laws. Sometimes, claims are denied due to a lack of investigation, because employers do not quickly notify the insurer that you have been injured. Other times, claims adjusters fail to notify injured workers of their full rights after a work injury. In these instances, the claim is either denied outright, or the injured worker does not receive their full benefits.

An experienced workers compensation attorney can explain the laws which impact your claim and simplify the process to increase your chances of collecting the full benefits due to you. If your work injury claim has been denied, or if you are not presently receiving the type and amount of benefits due to you, an attorney experienced in the representation of injured workers can protect your rights by filing a claim on your behalf with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Remember, the purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Act is to compensate employees who suffer a work injury. Claims adjusters work for insurance companies – not for you. Employers, in many instances, are less concerned about you and your work injury. Instead, they are more concerned whether your injury is going to increase their workers’ compensation premiums.

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