Here’s Some Things You Should Know About Workers Comp

workers compEach day, there are people who get injured in the workplace. Whether an employee has a slip-and-fall accident in the kitchen, an injury sustained over a long period of time due to working conditions (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome or health issues from contaminated environments), or a car accident while on the clock, all of these are examples of a workers compensation injury and you might be entitled to more compensation than you know.

Workers compensation, also known as workers comp, provides compensation for an employee’s medical bills, lost wages or rehabilitation when someone has been injured while on the job. The state mandated workers comp program is a no-fault benefit system that was designed to help workers who have been injured or have become sick on the job, often due to work conditions and unsafe environment.

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So, what are the basics of workers compensation?

If you are an employee who was injured while on the job, you can receive medical treatment and even have lost wages replaced after a work-related accident. Since workers comp is a no-fault insurance program, the injured employee does not have to go through the traditional route of proving negligence. In exchange, the employee can not sue their employer for their injuries.

Covered Injuries

Workers comp coverage is designed to compensate employees who have sustained work-related injuries. While some work injuries occur due to a sudden fall or slip, other injuries may not have been caused by a single incident. For example, if you work in a laboratory surrounded by hazardous chemicals all day, over time, this may cause issues with your respiratory system, leading to illnesses later in life.

In Georgia, employers are allowed to conduct a drug or alcohol test after an accident has occurred. Workers compensation will not cover every injury and employees can be denied compensation for any of the following reasons.

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Felony-related injuries
  • Injuries claimed after employment has been terminated
  • Injuries due to intoxication or drugs
  • Injuries caused by a fight in the workplace

The workers comp claims process

Almost all employers are required to carry workers comp insurance for their employees in the event that someone is injured on the job. If an employer fails to have workers comp insurance for their employees, they may face an employee lawsuit in court. 

In the event of an employee being hurt on the job, they have an obligation to report the accident to their manager or employer. If the injured employee fails to report their injury within a certain amount of time, they can lose their right to receive workers comp benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability 

Some work-related injuries result in permanent impairment, and that’s where permanent partial disability becomes important. If you are injured at work, you are entitled to a monetary award to compensate for your impairment. Some employers will try to impose a settlement rather than pay permanent partial disability by offering a specific dollar amount that is equivalent to, or slightly less than the amount you can be awarded with your workers comp claim.

Temporary Total Disability

Temporary total disability, also known as time loss compensation, can be obtained if you are injured on the job and the injury directly affects your ability to work for a certain period of time. It is possible for your employer to offer you a lump-sum amount for what you are owed, but at Hollington Brown LLC, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to meet with our workers comp lawyers to receive the full compensation you deserve.

Unpaid Medical Bills

If you’ve been injured while on the job and you need regular physical therapy or chiropractic care to get back on your feet and able to live your life again, workers comp claims can help you cover your medical expenses.

We recommend talking with a workers comp attorney at Hollington Brown LLC to ensure you are receiving all the compensation you are entitled to in regards to your medical bills and after care.

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Augusta, Georgia

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