How to Find the Best Worker’s Comp Attorney in Georgia

How to Find the Best Worker’s Comp Attorney in Georgia

Looking for a workers comp lawyer in Georgia?

Wondering how to choose the best one?

If you’re considering hiring a workers comp attorney in Georgia, it’s important that you do your research first. Not all workers comp lawyers have what it takes to get you the results that you deserve.

Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best workers comp lawyer in Georgia.

1. Get a Personal Recommendation For A Workers Comp Lawyer

A great place to begin when looking for a workers comp attorney is to start asking around and getting information from your personal connections.

Chances are that a friend or family member has experienced a similar workers comp situation in the past and has hired an attorney. Ask your friends, family, or even colleagues if they have any recommendations for you.

If they’ve worked with any workers comp lawyers, ask how their experience was and if they have had a positive or negative experience. You can learn a lot about great lawyers by tapping into your existing network.

2. Research Attorneys Online

In addition to the people you know, the internet can also be a great resource for finding a lawyer. It can also help with determining the professionalism of any lawyer that you are considering hiring.

Perform a search on any firm or workers comp lawyer you are considering and see if anyone has left feedback on their abilities. Chances are there is information out there, but you may have to dig a little.

Google, Facebook, and other sites where users can leave reviews may have the lowdown on the lawyer and are great resources. Take the time to read about any feedback or complaints you come across, and you’ll get a good idea if you would like to meet with them and consider them further.

3. Ask for Recommendations, Reviews, and Testimonials

Many of the best lawyers and firms also have plenty of testimonials on their website. They may also be able to provide you with references to previous cases that have gone well.

Read over testimonials thoroughly to find out more about the lawyer and what they may have to offer your case. Do they sound like they can help you reach your goals?

In addition to reading reviews elsewhere on the internet and asking for opinions of friends and family, any form of proof, testimonials, and recommendations that the lawyer can provide you can be a big help.

4. Know the Lawyer’s Credentials and Experience

While the opinions of others can matter a lot in your search, it’s also important that you dig deep and find out exactly what kind of professional credentials and experience a lawyer has to offer.

Where did they receive their law degree? Do they have any special qualifications that qualify them for your worker’s compensation case?

You should find out everything you can about a lawyer’s degrees and find out what firms they have worked for. Additionally, also search for their information on the State Bar of Georgia website to see if they have any malpractice complaints or claims against them.

5. Use the Initial Consultation Wisely

Once you’ve found a potential lawyer that you would like to work with, your job isn’t over yet. You need to schedule an initial consultation where you speak with the lawyer one-on-one.

During this consultation, you should treat it very much like a job interview. While they will be evaluating if they want to accept your case, you should also evaluate whether you want them as your lawyer.

Prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer to determine if they’re the real deal and whether you would like to work with them. Consider asking about your case and about the lawyer’s background.

Know going in what you’re looking for in a lawyer and take the time to properly evaluate them during this time.

6. Ask About Fees

Before you hire a lawyer you also need to know exactly what you can expect when it comes to payments and fees.

For a workers comp case, you should expect to pay on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only pay the lawyer if your case has been accepted and you have won benefits.

However, some lawyers work on different pay structures so it’s important that you find out before you get started. Find out what the lawyer charges and what costs you’ll be liable for. Know what costs you’ll be expected to pay if the case is lost.

It’s important that you discuss the fee structure beforehand so that you won’t be surprised later on down the road.

7. Get An Opinion on Your Case

During your initial consultation, it’s a great idea to ask for an opinion on your case. Ask the lawyer what they believe your chance of success will be and what kind of outcomes they expect are possible.

If they seem to think that you have a low chance of winning your case, they may be right. They also might not accept the case. However, on the other hand, if they believe strongly in your chances of winning they may be a great choice.

By asking this question to any lawyer you are considering you’ll get a lot of insight into what you can expect from them and how they’ll be fighting to win your case.

8. Consider Their Personality

While all of the points above are worth considering, it’s also a good idea to go with your gut instinct when you meet with a potential lawyer for your case.

If you get a bad feeling when you communicate with them or you get the feeling that they aren’t fully listening to your story, you may want to go with a different option.

It’s important that you choose a lawyer that you trust and that you believe will fight fully to win your case and to get you the compensation you deserve. Make sure that the lawyer treats you with respect and makes you feel great about your decision to reach out to them.

Choosing the Best Workers Comp Lawyer

While it may seem like a daunting task to find an excellent worker’s comp lawyer if you’ve never had to before, don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

However, you do need to consider the tips above carefully and know what you’re looking for. By following the tips above, you’ll have the best chance at hiring a great lawyer who will help you win your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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