5 Things to Know About a Workers Comp Attorney

workers comp attorneyExperiencing an injury can be a scary, life-changing time. It can be even more frightening when it happens at work or impacts your ability to do your job.

The purpose of workers’ comp is to help you when you get injured on the job. However, navigating a workers’ compensation situation can be tricky, especially if your injury means you aren’t feeling your best. Having an expert workers’ comp attorney can keep your case from becoming a headache.

1. Workers’ Comp Lawyers Will Help You Understand Your Case

Every workers’ comp claim involves the specific circumstances of the injury, the company policies, and state laws or regulations. Even when your situation seems straightforward, the legal nuances can be confusing.

A workers’ comp attorney can help you with all your questions, from “what is workers’ comp?” to “what benefits should I be receiving?” They can help you figure out if you’re eligible for workers’ comp, and what to do if you aren’t eligible.

There are different benefit levels and requirements based on the nature and extent of your injury. Whether you can return to work or not, whether the damage is permanent, and what your weekly wages were before injury all have an impact on your case and any potential benefits.

It can be expensive and time-consuming to pursue a workers’ comp claim only to find out your situation doesn’t qualify. Your workers’ comp lawyer will be able to cut through the confusing language and tell you plainly if you should pursue workers’ comp or not.

They can also help you determine what your benefits should be based on your specific circumstances. If these benefits aren’t enough to cover the extent of your lost income or prospects, your lawyer can help you figure out what other actions you can take.

2. Workers’ Comp Lawyers Know Your State Laws

You may be well versed in your company’s workers’ comp policies, but you may not be as familiar with the workers’ comp laws for your state. Attorneys who specialize in workers’ compensation will always be up to date on changes to state regulations.

Your lawyer can help explain your state’s workers’ comp rules and regulations and make sure that all required filings are made on your behalf.

A workers’ comp lawyer can also help you figure out what to do if you were injured while working out of state or during work-related travel. They can also make sure your company’s policy complies with state laws and regulations.

As detailed as your company’s policy may be, there is always the possibility of a situation they haven’t dealt with before. Workers’ comp attorneys have seen it all. They can help you figure out the best way forward, no matter how unique your claim.

3. Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Navigate an Appeal

One of the most valuable ways a workers’ comp lawyer can help you is by guiding you through an appeal. If your workers’ comp case is denied, there are options your lawyer can help you explore.

Workers’ comp cases can be denied for numerous reasons, even if they are valid claims. Missed filing deadlines, incorrect paperwork, and administrative errors can all lead to denials.

Workers’ comp attorneys will help you avoid these mistakes in the first place. They’ll help you understand why your claim was denied, and what you can do about it. They can also help you appeal any denials, even if you didn’t previously use an attorney.

You can get an attorney for any step of your workers’ comp journey, whether you started your case with one or not.

4. A Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help You File A Claim And, In Some Circumstances, A Civil Lawsuit 

If your workers’ comp claim is denied, a workers’ comp attorney can assist in filing a claim to seek benefits. In certain circumstances, your attorney may also be able to file a civil lawsuit for personal injury against the at-fault party even if your claim is approved.

Because the workers’ comp system is designed to be a “no-fault” process, it doesn’t account for negligence or malicious actions from your employer or a third-party. Even when your employer wasn’t negligent or malicious, your benefits may not cover the damages.

A good workers’ comp lawyer will help you understand whether you can file a civil suit to try to cover additional damages for pain and suffering against a third-party responsible for your injury.

5. Workers’ Comp Attorneys Will Maximize Your Benefits

You might be eligible for multiple benefits through workers’ compensation programs. Said benefits include medical reimbursement, lost wages compensation, or even disability or unemployment benefits.

Hiring a workers comp’ lawyer can help you maximize all of your available benefits. Your lawyer can also inform you on how certain benefit impact your rights to other benefits.

Using a workers’ comp attorney means you’ll have guidance on the whole process. Your attorney will make sure you get the best possible outcome for both your present and your future.

Workers’ comp attorneys can also help the family or beneficiaries of someone who experiences a fatal workplace injury. Workers’ compensation isn’t limited to non-fatal injuries. A lawyer will help make sure you get the correct workers’ comp benefits, including funeral expenses and family support.

Talk to a Workers’ Comp Attorney Today

Workers’ compensation doesn’t have to be another hardship. Using a workers’ comp lawyer can ease your burden and help make a difficult time manageable.

If you or a loved one was injured on the job, you can talk to a workers’ comp attorney today. Send us a message and we will set up a free consultation to discuss your case. No matter what, you can expect compassion, and expertise from our team.

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