Because Hollington Brown represented a family member and did an excellent job, I decided to hire them to represent me.   I was afraid of being denied needed surgery and other medical treatment, and of eventually losing my job with no income or compensation. During my first meeting, all the laws pertaining to on-the-job injuries and workers compensation were explained to me. The office of Hollington Brown contacted my employer and case manager, and from that time until my case was resolved I received all medical and surgical treatment, medication and compensation from my case manager with no problems.   The knowledge, guidance, care, concern and understanding makes it easier for a person to go through a long and grinding fight.   My advice for anyone that is injured on the job and dealing with a workers compensation case manager that only cares about the insurance company they work for is this. Do yourself a favor: ask Hollington Brown for help, so you can receive the care and compensation available to you.

Scott C.