I chose the Hollington Brown firm because of their record of past experience dealing with workers comp cases that I had heard about. I was not getting treated fairly by my employer when I got hurt on the job. They did not want to pay for any medical expense and they were using my sick leave time.   After I hired the Law firm of Hollington Brown LLP they got my medical bills taken care of and I got all of my sick leave back and started to get my check from workers comp.

Working with the personnel at Hollington Brown LLP was very nice, and they would always get back to me with answers when I had a question. They gave me peace of mind and I did not have any worries about my case. The law firm of Hollington Brown LLP treated me and my family just like I was one of their family members. Some of the benefits with the Hollington Brown LLP is that they know about the law and they will can answer questions without having to tell you that they will get back to you on it. While Hollington Brown was working on my case I did not have any worries and had peace of mind. They work real hard and sometimes late at night on my case and they work to make sure that I got everything that I was entitled to. I would tell anybody that had a workers comp claim or problem go to the Hollington Brown LLP Law firm: they will treat you like family and will work hard for you. They are very concerned about and will treat you fair.

Lamar B.